Why Do You Need a Car Broker?

A car broker's expertise can ensure you get the best deal possible.

They can save you time by handling the research, dealership interactions, and paperwork on your behalf.

Brokers have access to a vast network of dealers and can often secure exclusive deals

Working Process with Miron Motors

Decide What Car You Want

Sent us a car you want. If you aren't sure we can assist you.

Deal Negotiation

We sent you the best possible deal for your desirable car with actual payment (tax included)

Submit Credit Application

Submit credit application and within 24 hours we got a response if you are approved.

Get Your Keys Within 24 hours

You got the car same day.

Submit your credit application

Credit Application

When You Buy With Us

✔️ 10% off at our wrap shop (includes wrap, tint, chrome delete, ceramic coating).

✔️ Free towing to our body shop with complimentary estimates and no deductible concerns.

✔️ 10% off driving lessons.

✔️ Free lemon law lawyer consultation.

✔️ 10% off car detailing.

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  • When it comes to acquiring a new car, most people are torn between two options: leasing or financing. Both avenues come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Lease

    - Ownership: You don't own the car; you're renting it for a set period.
    - Payments: Typically lower since you're paying for the car's depreciation during the lease term.
    - Mileage: Usually has limits; excess mileage can incur fees.
    - Wear and Tear: Potential charges for excessive damage upon return.
    - End of Term: Return the car, buy it, or lease a new one.

  • Finance

    - Ownership: You're buying the car; you'll own it outright after all payments.
    - Payments: Generally higher, covering the car's entire value.
    - Mileage: No restrictions.
    - Wear and Tear: No direct penalties, but maintenance affects resale value.
    - End of Term: The car is yours; you can sell, trade, or keep it

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